Monday, 21 October 2013

The Impregnable Fortress of Bukit Sadok

Rentap: Charge mode

         He did not stop there, Rentap and his men was able to create a fort near the mountains at Bukit Sadok. It was somewhat impenetrable and so was proven. Brooke since then send waves after waves of attacks in 3 different war expeditions that last for years. Rentap kept his men strong with the phrase that he keeps on shouting out to increase the morale of the people, "Agi idup, agi ngelaban" which literally means "as long as we live, we will fight". In the first battle, Rentap won and so did he the second. He even managed to retrieve a cannon called “Bujang Timpang Berang” after he defeated White Rajah Brooke. In time though, comes the third war expedition led by Tuan Muda Charles Brooke, he was to face a stronger force with a more powerful cannon,"Bujang Sadok". After taking massive damage, Rentap starts to have doubts drawn in his face on the impregnability of the fortress...

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  1. nenek mu rentap pahlawan malaya!!! celaka punya malaya, tak cukup2 lagi ka hasil bumi borneo kamu rompak, sekarang sejarah kami orang borneo pun kamu mau sapu sekali ka? dasar orang malaya tak sedar diri, takda asal usul sendiri, adat dgn sejarah org lain mau di curi...

    1. Orang Malaya memang sial ! Sejarah kita orang Sarawak pun mereka mau curi, muka tak malu punya Malaya.