Thursday, 10 October 2013

Men of War Stand in the Calm Before the Storm

     In early year of 1850, after the battle of Betting Maru, James Brooke sent Arthur Crookshank to build up a fort at the junction of the Batang Skrang and the Batang Lupar to be on surveilance and prevent any of the warriors under LibauRentap” from meeting up with those under Linggir and Aji in raiding the peaceful people living along the coast. It was called Fort James and was strongly opposed by Rentap and the upper Skrang chieftains. It was indeed a nuisance to the Skrang people because its purpose was to block their passage to go to the open South China Sea. Rentap and his loyal followers moved farther up-country to the headwaters of the Saribas and Skrang to set up a stronghold on the mountain ridge up the Sungai Lang, the branch of the Batang Skrang River. The fort back at Nanga Skrang was then managed by William Brereton while at Nanga Lingga, Alan Lee but they decided to get together to ready a newer stockade at Lintang Batang when they are informed of Rentap's approaching attack. Thus, the two parties of James Brooke and Rentap were at their respective posts, ready to engage in battle.

Libau Rentap's calm stance to get ready for the war storms

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