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End of An Earthquake

     As soon as Rentap realised that it was futile to defend Bukit Sadok any longer, he commanded his war men to retreat through the other side of the mountain. Meanwhile, the attacking party of Tuan Muda Charles Brooke rushed over and entered the fortress through the holes made by the shots fromBujang Sadok”; they found that Rentap and his war men had fled. Apparently, they did not meant to give up but only to live to fight another day. And so, firstly, they go to Bukit Lanjak Entimau at the headwaters of Batang Skrang, Lemanak and Engkari. He then head to the Ulu Entabai, the branch of Kanowit and Julau to establish another fortress at Bukit Stulak. As he become older, he moved to Karangan Panggil in Ulu Wak, Pakan and died of natural cause in 1870. He was not buried, but his remnants were kept as supposed to the honourable symbol of the Dayak Iban warriors which was laid down to rest in peace in a morgue called “Lumbong”.

 Rentap's resting place known as a "Lumbong" at Karangan Panggil, Ulu Wak, Pakan

A Memoriam of Warriors

Libau Rentap

Retired Warrant Officer, Kanang Anak Langkau saluting Rentap as a sign of respect towards him

A hall building named after Rentap

To summarize on the legend of Rentap, here is a simple video:

This is made by a student to summarize all about Rentap

To end the story-telling epic warrior called Rentap, here is a video/slideshow as a tribute:

An adapted after-war speech by a British

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  1. memang dasar malaya tipikal tak sedar diri betul, tak cukup2 adat dgn sejarah org cina, india, indonesia kamu cedok, sekarang sejarah kami org borneo pun kamu mau juga? bikin malu la ko ni jadi org melayu, bangsa sendiri pun tak kenal....sejak bila Rentap berjuang di tanah melayu? sejak bila sarawak jadi tanah melayu? gila ka apa ko nih?