Wednesday, 25 September 2013

The Dawn of Rentap

Map of Sarawak of where Rentap lived

       Born in 1800 by the name of Libau, an Iban ethnic child, the hero now known as "Rentap" is a force not to be reckoned with. Little are told about where exactly was the location that he first landed his feet on earth but it is said that he built most of what he is in the vicinity of Batang Kapuas outfall at West Kalimantan, Indonesia. Lead by Orang Kaya Pemamcha Dana "Bayang" he had participated in many war expeditions and has earned his stripes over the years to be given the title Rentap which literally means “the earth shaker”. One of his triumphant achievements which he is most renowned for was during a voyage at  Sambas when he bravely fought a handful of men on a boat and successfully snatched a keris with a gold-plated handle from the enemy prince, nephew of the Sambas Sultan. After all of his training to become a warrior and the reputable stories of him foretold throughout the land, it is no surprise that he was elected as the leader of his tribe dominating from the Skrang River to Saribas River, Sarawak; trusted with the role of standing against its enemies and rid them from existence. 

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