Monday, 21 October 2013

Enter Bloodshed

   Alan Lee and Brereton joined up in Lintang Batang to fight off Rentap believing that they had all the tools they needed. Alan, leading his scratch army fought against Rentap's two heavy war boats down the Skrang River. When the battle ensues, the British men find themselves having severe losses and so rushed onwards to attack them in the open river. Their small boats were able to flank Rentap's main fleet. In the end, Rentap appear victorious and Alan Lee, dead with his head cut off. However, Rentap goes againts blazing flame on the stockade and was forced to flee the battle and later found themselves attacked by a traitor named Orang Kaya Gasing. After they escaped safe and soundly, the White Rajah expect to teach them a lesson and burnt down 20 longhouses of the Iban.

Rentap: Stalk mode. Used for flanking enemy using guerilla tactics 

To show simulation of this battle and the ones ahead, here is a game regarding it:

Fan-made Rentap role-playing game

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