Monday, 30 September 2013

Rentap's First Strike Againts The Enemy

        LibauRentap” also proclaimed by his followers as Raja Darat” (King of Land) held his reign as the leader of his tribe with pride. With this, he assembled an army to take on the British troops under the tyranny of James Brooke in Sarawak. On 19th of August 1844 at Karangan Peris, Skrang, Rentap first battled against the White Rajah armed forces. He stood his ground in an attempt to halt the advance trackers of Datu Patinggi Ali’s spying troop with a daunting display of war boats and thousands of men on all river banks. They had carefully chosen strategic spots where they could efficiently use their lances and blowpipes as well as boats and bamboo rafts for blocking off any possible escape routes. As a result, Datu Patinggi Ali fell while the White Rajah James Brooke trembled in the face of impending doom that was brought by Rentap and his men as one of his key regimes has been subdued indefinitely. 

As complement to the discussion on these Iban warriors and how they came to be, here is an animated video:

Panglima Bukit Sadok

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